A New Game Alert: Job Rejection Helpline

A New Game Alert: Job Rejection Helpline

Written by Olie

Seeing thousands of people getting laid off and experiencing personal struggles with finding full-time employment inspired me to create an experience where one could just witness their frustrations being seen and understood. While the quality of this project is far from having significant commercial value, I see a lot of use for it as a free comedic relief for stressed job-seekers. So, if you're still here with me, I have one question to ask:

Are you someone who could use a break from the relentless job search?

Try Job Rejection Helpline, an interactive tragicomedy for job-seekers, created by yours truly and available for play in your favorite browser via this link.

Noteworthy Features:

🎭 Crack the Insane Rules: Do you have what it takes to master the unconventional rules of job applications?

🖼️ Quirky Backgrounds: Express your personality with four backgrounds, three of which can be unlocked through successful interviews.

📜 Branching Narrative: Your choices matter! Will you land your dream job or veer into a career you never expected?

💼 Diverse Career Paths: Explore three career branches, with a total of ten different jobs to apply for. Don't worry if your dream job seems elusive – you'll be offered three backup plans.

Give JRH a chance today:

Get ready for a rollercoaster of absurd interview questions, endless rejections, and unexpected twists!

Shameless Self-Plug:

I created this game in a month of pure working time, and it was my first time using Python. If you're looking for a writer or copywriter with years of industry experience and a range from comedy to very niche technical articles, I'm always open to both contract and full-time gigs.

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