Penpal Corner: Our New Shop for Snail Mail Enthusiasts

Penpal Corner: Our New Shop for Snail Mail Enthusiasts

Written by Olie

Casuology is happy to announce the launch of Penpal Corner, an online stationery shop for snail mail enthusiasts. Preparations for the grand opening took us many months, and we're very happy to share our products, which include but are not limited to postcards, sticker sheets, and penpal activity sheets, with you!

Before I proceed with explaining why a game development company would open a stationery store, let me invite you to our growing Discord community and Instagram account. We'll be happy to see you there if cozy hobbies are your cup of tea <3

The idea to open a stationery shop has been brewing in my head for years, but I always lacked something: skills, time, confidence. When I came up with a game idea for Penpal Stories, a cozy choice-based game where you write and decorate letters while trying to be a good penpal, all stars aligned. We needed to be a bigger part of the community in order to promote something niche like this game. I have been doing penpaling and Postcrossing for a while now, but it's far from enough visibility. So, I came up with this cross-promo idea of running a small business (which I'm very passionate about) and creating a game that incorporates the values of the business (which I'm also very passionate about), so that they promote each other!

Even while typing this, I thought of which platforms and game developers we could collaborate with for an even bigger cross-promo opportunity and audience coverage. It just all adds up and falls into place nicely. The first part of the plan has just launched, and I plan on designing even more things for the shop in the nearest future. The second part of the plan, the game, is almost finished from a narrative point of view, has some assets drawn, and a very loosely built architecture implemented. It's a long way to go, but the direction is clear.

And we hope that you'll join us on this walk! :)

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