What Does the Frog Say?

What Does the Frog Say?

Written by Olie

It's clear that in the universe of Frogs & Mushies, our adorable amphibians and their friends have a good command of human language. Not only is it fair to suggest that it hasn't always been this way, but there's evidence that supports this theory! Some items in Tay's Shop still use the "outdated" labeling system, which can help us rebuild parts of this unique language.

Look at the banner for this article. There is a consistent pattern in every single chunk of the text. Let's start with the bag of Various Wings on the left. The big symbols show us bugs and wings, which correspond to the contents of the bag. Now, let's look at the bag of Worms on the right. Following the pattern, the big symbols show us worms in different shapes. The language is very illustrative, though a bit hard to decipher when taken out of context.

But what do those tiny stars, circles, hearts, and lines mean? And why are there none of them on the Mint Seeds package in the middle? Just like humans, forest dwellers have different handwriting. Small accents like stars and hearts have become a popular way to embellish one's handwriting, an equivalent of calligraphy. The text on the seed package is more instructional than decorative: it's a plant that needs a little bit of water and quite a bit of sun, and you can either ask for more from Tay (the bird) or Tay approves... I'm not sure myself. What do you think? :)

Either way, we have successfully deducted the following rules that can help us read this frog lingo (we can't confirm whether any species other than frogs and local merchants use it):

  1. Use big symbols to illustrate your message. Add small symbols like stars, hearts, and circles for decorative purposes.
  2. Be literal. To show a variety of something, draw the same thing in different ways. 
  3. Keep the symbols simple so that they're easy to reproduce. This keeps the language alive!

Additionally, you can preserve frog language by writing code messages to your friends or decorating your notes with these cute symbols. Can you figure out what the white text in the banner means? Hint: it's connected to this article (duh). Let us know in the comments if you decode it!

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