A motivational post for those who get easily overwhelmed

A motivational post for those who get easily overwhelmed

Written by Olie

For months and weeks, I had been terrified to start this one inevitable task. I had everything ready: the size guide, the references, the layout... Yet I was postponing drawing the background for the main location! The thing that our players will look at the most!! The artwork that brings the whole scene, even the game, together!!! 

The intimidation, the pressure, the complexity... All of these beasts ended up being a product of my imagination. I completed the task in a couple of hours. The whole process can neatly fit into a 30-second time-lapse video you can find on our social media, but I'm sharing the image here:

Now, is it in any way flawless? No. Does it work for the demo? Absolutely. What was the fuss all about? Let me leave the answer to this question up to you, dear readers, instead of providing a psychological breakdown of my self-esteem issues. 

The moral here is a tale as old as time: sometimes the expectations you think the world has for you are just a product of your imagination. If you can draw an asset, you most likely can combine a bunch of assets into a decent background. If you could come up with a joke that made your friends laugh, you probably can write it into a dialogue for one of your characters. Whatever you choose to do, never be afraid to at least try to go further. Then you can decide if it was actually as scary as you thought. Best of luck, friends, I'm going back to drawing singular assets... until I need to draw another background ;)

Can you recall a task that seemed big and scary on paper, but was completed in an embarrassingly short amount of time? Let us know in the comments!

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