Summer Dev Diaries: Bugs, Sweat, No Tears (yet)

Summer Dev Diaries: Bugs, Sweat, No Tears (yet)

Written by Olie

I originally intended to write about which Frogs & Mushies features might appeal to certain players, based on the Bartle taxonomy of player types. Then I realized that the article would be boring to read, so I decided to make it a player-type test. It will take some time since I want to design an old-school magazine quiz. Still, I wanted to show up here to ramble a bit about what's going on at Casuology. Spoiler: everything's moving along well, and there's A LOT of work (surprise surprise)!

We have a monthly newsletter now. It's called Casuology Digest, and one can subscribe to it on our front page. I plan on sending the first newsletter at the end of the month, where I'll sum up what we've been up to and provide links to the articles that our readers could've missed. This has been announced previously, but I'm hoping to reach more potential subscribers through this awkward integration :) We also have comments connected to the blog now, so that I don't type into the abyss and people can actually respond to my scribbles.

When we founded Casuology in April, we didn't plan on growing our team before we see at least one euro flying into our pockets instead of out. Well, about that... We are a team of three now, with Dante helping out Sebastian with programming. Brothers unite! This led to setting up Discord, Trello, and bi-weekly sprint overviews and definitely brought more structure into our (my, it's always me) chaotic processes. Thank you, Dante, and welcome on board!

As for the development, I came to the conclusion that six frog types are more than enough for the demo. You have met some of these amphibians already, but I'll make sure to introduce all of them soon enough (they're ready!). Most of the writing is done, at least, for the frogs, so I'm focusing on the art. Fun fact, if you didn't know already, I've never worked as a professional artist before and I learned to draw on iPad last autumn. So, drawing the whole game is a challenge, but it's so rewarding to see it all coming along.

I'll wrap it up here! Feel free to write questions, suggestions, or just your plans for the rest of the summer in the comments below. I designed a default froggie avatar in case you don't have a Disqus account so that you stay in style no matter what :) Cya!

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