Why frogs? A florid answer to a simple question

Why frogs? A florid answer to a simple question

Written by Olie

It got me, after all! Years after the whole conundrum started, the infamous virus infiltrated my vaccinated body leaving me weakened physically but not morally. Hence, I decided to write this post as soon as I could sit straight for longer than several minutes. I. Shall. Prevail.

Now, when you're questioning whether my sanity is still intact, let me introduce the topic in more detail. Yesterday, I received a letter from my pen pal Kim, where she asked me about the possible reasons for making a game about frogs specifically. Thank you for your question, Kim! I'll do my best to provide a coherent answer :)

You see, there are different ways one can go about game design. The most common approach is to make something you'd like to play yourself, and in my case, it's point-and-click adventures and simulation games. Frogs & Mushies is not a point-and-click adventure game mostly because we wanted to tackle something simpler as our first project. In fact, if we were to settle on that genre, there would be no frogs or mushies involved at all, but there would be ghosts! I'm not going to share more about that tabled project, mainly because it's irrelevant to the question, but maybe one day!

Now, when we weren't making a game about ghosts (I like Halloween), I had another idea inspired by Unholy Heights but very much reinvented, of course :) Basically, I wanted the game to be a housing complex manager with a cottagecore setting. Frogcore, mushroomcore, and other cutesy aesthetics are the virus of their own, and I'm not recovering any time soon. The imagery of green frogs and red toadstools just had to be put into a game, so here we are, on our way to ensure that 36 adorable frogs have cozy mushroom houses!

I have to say that I only enjoy looking at frogs online and the only frog I ever want to touch is my Teacup plushie. I'm like those little girls that have an unhealthy obsession with Frozen merch but would hide behind their mom's legs if Elsa was to approach them. Okay, not the best metaphor, but you get it. 

It's about time I gave my sick little brain a break. I could've given a short answer of 'I just like 'em' but it's no fun! However, I do recommend looking up 'frogs and mushrooms' on Google Images — totes adorbs!

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