Quests for snacks and other curiosities

Quests for snacks and other curiosities

Written by Olie

Hello, hello! Last weekend, we went to Åland for a family event and only came back last night, but it doesn't mean that no work has been done! Today we decided to share a bit more about our quest system and all parties involved :) Read till the end to learn what the gif attached to this post shows exactly!

We've already briefly mentioned that a player gets to interact with frogs by accepting and, hopefully, completing their various requests. These requests are posted daily on the Community Board and depend on what type of frogs inhabit the mushroom complex. There are, of course, universal quests, such as house remodeling, but the delivery is unique to each frog category. It's of the utmost importance for us for frogs to have much character!

Individual quests are pretty straightforward: each frog category has its own quest pool with assigned probability for different quest types. However, some frog categories can form clubs, and this is when they embark on a separate journey of combo quests. These quests come with handy perks unique to the formed clubs. One of the examples would be a Foodie + Gardener frogs combo.

Let's say, you're lucky enough to have a plant-loving frog in your community, and now a foodie moves in. These two get along like two peas in a pod and start requesting items from each other. Gardeners always have some interesting ingredients lying around, which Foodies can turn into delicious snacks! Their partnership is so fruitful that they share extra snacks with you, which you can use for completing other quests or just treating your little green friends.

On top of that, ingredients cannot be obtained anywhere else but as part of this exchange. And who wants to miss out on a clump of worms or a jar of slime? Exactly. No one!

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