It's a bird! Meet Tay the Merchant

It's a bird! Meet Tay the Merchant

Written by Olie

Merchants are a crucial part of Frogs & Mushies' economy. Sure, you can obtain some items through befriending frogs, but if you can't do so without spending some moths first.

Tay is the first character you meet during onboarding. She's either a swift or a swallow, our poor feathered lady is not sure herself! Being an aspiring indie-folk star is not easy. This is why Tay makes her living selling various goods to forest inhabitants. She even used to do business with Big Toad but canceled all trade due to the toad's intolerable attitude.

Tay's Shop is full of intriguing items, such as various gifts, snacks, and supplies. Whether it's a romance novel or gummy worms, Tay has it all to satisfy your frogs' needs! Of course, not every single item is in stock all the time, but luckily she visits the mushroom complex every odd day, so keep an eye out.

If you're looking for someone to talk to, Tay's a good sport. Her favorite topics are dreams and aspirations, tips on how to keep spirits high, and, of course, music. Mr. Bat finds her a bit too loud and extraverted, but still very much likable. Who's Mr. Bat you may ask? Well, you'll be introduced to him soon enough!

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