Save the planet with Olive

Save the planet with Olive

Written by Olie

This time, Frog Friday fell on Earth Day, and of course our little amphibians couldn't miss a chance to come with an a-maze-ing game! It's very simple: pick a random path, follow it till the end to learn your result (A, B, or C), and find out what it could mean below!

A - Yarrow. This plant symbolizes healing due to its medical properties and love probably because of its sweet smell. Yarrow's bitter taste keeps unwelcome pests at bay but its abundance of nectar attracts pollinators, such as honeybees, and even some bird species. May this newly acquired knowledge kick-start your herbalism journey. Learn more about local endangered and invasive species and protect native plants.

B - Worms. These slimy creatures are gardeners' best friends and are a sign of quality soil full of nutrients. However, when pesticides are sprayed on crops to help them grow, poor earthworms start feeling miserable. How about you try growing a pesticide-free garden? Whether it's on your balcony or in the backyard, this will be a fun project for this time of the year!

C - Fruity Flies. Gardener frogs like Olive are not fans of these annoying tiny insects packaged as a snack. Did you know that fruit flies don't actually eat fresh fruit but are drawn to rotting fruit and vegetable matter? It might be a sign for you to make a compost pile! It is possible to set up a container even in a small apartment and its produce can come in handy when repotting house plants.

Hope the path you've chosen inspired you to take some action. Keep in mind that the Earth is there every day and that it doesn't need volume or speed, but consistency!

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