How frogs help with keeping it simple but exciting

How frogs help with keeping it simple but exciting

Written by Olie

Frogs & Mushies, believe it or not, will have 36 frogs with unique appearances and 12 different personality types. All frog categories are already described in our game design document, so they can be covered in more detail in future posts.

These green amphibians are the residents of the mushroom housing complex. Even though they might seem to dress and be named according to traditional gender norms, they refer to themselves and each other by gender-neutral pronouns and can be in same-sex relationships or not be interested in romance at all. As a result, the player has a wider variety of subplots to explore.

The plot of the game is a co-creative process between the designed game system and a player. Various stories discovered through interaction with the tenants depend on what frogs randomly choose to inhabit the mushroom complex and what decisions or quests the player chooses to deal with. Each frog category comes with its own perk and some of them can even form a combo.

Our main principles are the simplicity of gameplay and the variability of content. Having 12 different categories, each with 3 frog designs, makes every single playthrough unlike the other, which also helps with the replayability. Triple win!

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