Frogs & Mushies: So, what is it all about?

Frogs & Mushies: So, what is it all about?

Written by Olie

Hi, it's Olie here! Thought I could share a bit more about the game itself :) As a one-sentence pitch, I usually describe Frogs & Mushies as a narrative-rich strategy/management simulation game about building resilience in the face of adversity. Luckily, we're not limited to one sentence here, so I can elaborate for those who are curious to learn more.

As a player, you're invited to manage a mushroom housing complex for frogs, who are being ill-treated by Big Toad. The Toad shows up uninvited and demands an ever-increasing amount of crickets, which poor frogs spend most of the day collecting. This is horrible, but there's safety in numbers they say! This is why the frogs choose to resist Big Toad by forming a knit-close community and embracing the fun and joy of daily activities.

The management part is (re)quest-based because frogs need a lot of things, such as houses, craft supplies, snacks, gifts for loved ones, etc. A little party never hurt nobody, so the player also gets to be in charge of events to keep the frogs' spirits high :) To help with the acquisition of requested stuff, there are two adorable but rather polar merchants to whom you'll get introduced some other time.

That's all for now! Just wanted to shed some light on the game concept before getting into more details. Feel free to comment or ask questions, so that we know in which direction to go with our posts.

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