Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Written by Olie

Hi, dear readers! Welcome to our blog (that's so early 2000s but I like it)!

Sebastian and I (Olie) were destined to be and make games together. We met in 2014 during a game jam, after which we spent years acquiring and enhancing a diverse skillset required for game development. The time never feels right, but at least now we are confident and motivated enough to start our own independent journey in this industry. Casuology is ready to meet the world!

I'm in charge of game design, writing, and 2D art, while Sebbe is busy making magic by programming and animating. Of course, many decisions regarding the design are collective, as we both have extensive gaming experience and know a thing or two about what our target audience might appreciate :) So far, we have set the goal of finishing the demo by the end of summer, even though I'm the only one committed to the project full-time.

Well, I believe this is long enough for a brief introduction! We'll try to post regularly to document our progress and share some tips (or fails) with those interested in indie game dev. Till then!

P.S. Similar content can be found on our LinkedIn page and Instagram. So feel free to choose a more convenient platform to follow us, or keep it old-school, we respect our elderly here (it's me, I'm the elderly).

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